“… we came upon what we thought to be a quaint little convent. What I did not realise was that this ‘convent’ on the outskirts of town rented out its rooms by the half hour – and that it was, in fact, a brothel. No wonder the resident ‘nuns’ were so friendly! ”

It was 1976, the height of apartheid in South Africa. Keen to get out of the country, 22-year-old Dave Upton made the bold decision to backpack around the world with nothing but $800 and a penchant for adventure. ‘University of the Road’ chronicles Upton’s epic journey as he barters and bargain hunts his way across the globe, as recounted in letters home to his parents. His experiences are remarkable, revolting, and anything but expected… from enduring nightmarish riverboat trips up the Amazon to discovering a bizarre “breed” of toilet in Goa. By turns hilarious and thought provoking, ‘University of the Road’ is a tale of self-discovery, perseverance, and the new worlds that can open up when we dare to follow our dreams.

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